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Wild Wild West - * 1/2*

Ah, the Old West…a time filled with dusty gunslingers, dirty scoundrels, rocket powered bicycles, and giant mechanical machines of destruction. Something is wrong here. That something is the remake of the television series, The Wild Wild West (newly rechristened without … Continue reading

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Enemy of the State - * * *

You’re not paranoid if they’re really after you. That’s the message of Enemy of the State, the latest techno-thriller from director Tony Scott who takes an exciting, if exaggerated, look at the lack of privacy in our increasingly technological society. … Continue reading

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Men in Black - * * *

Aliens are all around us. Disguised as humans, they roam the earth simply trying to blend in. On those occasions when one is discovered, a top secret government agency is dispatched to take care of matters, and cover up the … Continue reading

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Independence Day - * * *

Independence Day is a slightly derivative, but thoroughly crowd-pleasing alien invasion film. When the aliens arrive in their giant flying saucers, Independence Day introduces its diverse cast in typical disaster flick fashion. They come from every walk of life, from … Continue reading

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Bad Boys - * * *

Surprisingly enjoyable action comedy. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are cops (and no, neither one is just a few days from retirement). Lawrence is a married family man, while Smith plays the laid-back womanizer. When confiscated drugs are stolen from … Continue reading

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