Bad Boys - * * *

Surprisingly enjoyable action comedy. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are cops (and no, neither one is just a few days from retirement). Lawrence is a married family man, while Smith plays the laid-back womanizer. When confiscated drugs are stolen from underneath police supervision, the pair are given a deadline to find the thieves and retrieve the goods. Just when the comic bickering between Lawrence and Smith begins to drag, the movie produces a welcome (if somewhat forced) twist. Tea Leoni is a murder witness to the thieves, and she comes under police custody. Through a series of tangled events, Lawrence must pretend to be Smith in front of her, and vice versa. And amid the comic proceedings, there are plenty of enjoyable action scenes. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are perfect comic foils. The standard comic bickering, while tiring in most movies, seems fresh and funny here. Leoni, unfortunately, doesn’t add much to the film. She mainly serves to do stupid things in order to get the good guys in trouble. At least she looks good doing it.

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