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The Thirteenth Floor - *

The Thirteenth Floor is the latest Hollywood film to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon. However, unlike previous films in the new genre, this one lands with a heavy thud. The movie starts intriguingly enough. An elderly man in 1937 … Continue reading

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The Newton Boys - * * 1/2*

Richard Linklater, notorious for his modern day Generation X films, strikes off in new territory in The Newton Boys, a period drama detailing the true-life exploits of the most successful gang of bank robbers in United States history. The mastermind … Continue reading

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Men in Black - * * *

Aliens are all around us. Disguised as humans, they roam the earth simply trying to blend in. On those occasions when one is discovered, a top secret government agency is dispatched to take care of matters, and cover up the … Continue reading

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Feeling Minnesota - *

Feeling Minnesota is a rather plain wanna-be-quirky drama. Sam Clayton (Vincent D’Onofrio) is the accountant of the local mob boss, Red (Delroy Lindo). When he reveals to Red that a woman named Freddie (Cameron Diaz) has stolen $10,000, Red forces … Continue reading

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