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What Planet Are You From? - * * 1/2*

Mike Nichols directs this adult comedy about an alien (Gary Shandling) sent to Earth to procreate. Unfortunately, he lacks the right “equipment”. John Goodman, Annette Bening, Camryn Manheim, Greg Kinnear, Ben Kingsley, Linda Fiorentino, Nora Dunn and Judy Greer will … Continue reading

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Men in Black - * * *

Aliens are all around us. Disguised as humans, they roam the earth simply trying to blend in. On those occasions when one is discovered, a top secret government agency is dispatched to take care of matters, and cover up the … Continue reading

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Unforgettable - * 1/2*

Ray Liotta plays Dr. David Krane, a forensic pathologist who obsesses over the death of his wife. She was killed about a year before, and he, an alcoholic at the time, was the prime suspect. He was eventually acquitted due … Continue reading

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Jade - *

Joe Eszterhas has scripted yet another bland and insipid Basic Instinct clone. David Caruso is investigating a grisly murder in San Francisco. The chief suspect is an unknown woman named Jade, who apparently provided exotic sexual favors for many powerful … Continue reading

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