Unforgettable - * 1/2*

Ray Liotta plays Dr. David Krane, a forensic pathologist who obsesses over the death of his wife. She was killed about a year before, and he, an alcoholic at the time, was the prime suspect. He was eventually acquitted due to a technicality, but is constantly searching for new leads. He finds new hope in the work of a university scientist (Linda Fiorentino) who has discovered a drug which allows the transfer of memory. Dr. Krane uses the drug to experience the memories of his dead wife, and other victims of her killer. The film becomes a race as he tries to learn all the facts about his wife’s death before the side effects of the drug weaken his heart to the point of death. Unfortunately at this point, the film’s absurd plot becomes muddled and confusing, finally erupting with an inexplicable conclusion. Liotta is wasted here, doing not much more than wincing and staring wide eyed at the camera during his memory flashbacks. Fiorentino plays a much different character than she has before as the mousy scientist, but she moslty seems a bystander to the events. The memory events are staged like a chaotic cutting between a horror film and a music video. Sometimes, they are visually interesting, but they are never truly involving. The film never lives up to its name.

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