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Superstar - * 1/2*

In yet another Saturday Night Live skit-turned-film, Molly Shannon stars as nerdy Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher, dreaming of superstardom. She enters a talent contest with hopes of winning a part as a film extra. Will Ferrell will play the … Continue reading

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The Whole Nine Yards - * * 1/2*

Jonathan Lynn directs this comedy from Mitchell Kapner’s script. Bruce Willis stars as mobster Jimmy “The Tulip”, who enters the witness protection program. When his suburban neighbors learn of his identity, they are unwittingly seduced by the life of organized … Continue reading

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Half Baked - 1/2*

Nostalgia for the 70s continues, as we see a revival of one of the decade’s greatest achievements: the marijuana comedy. However Half Baked doesn’t quite run with all its brain cells, and will make you appreciate the questionable talents of … Continue reading

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Rocket Man - 1/2*

Does the world need another Pauly Shore? Apparently the folks at Disney think so. Introducing man-boy Harland Williams, an infantile comic who brings new meaning to the word, “annoying”. In Rocket Man, he gets his shot at stardom, but he … Continue reading

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