Superstar - * 1/2*

In yet another Saturday Night Live skit-turned-film, Molly Shannon stars as nerdy Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher, dreaming of superstardom. She enters a talent contest with hopes of winning a part as a film extra. Will Ferrell will play the hunk, Sky Corrigan. Elaine Hendrix will also star as Evian, a rival, and Emmy Laybourne will be Mary Katherine’s best friend, Helen. Harland Williams and Tom Green will also star. Bruce McCulloch directs from Steven Koren’s script.

Capsule Review: Superstar doesn’t break the horrible streak of SNL-based films. It has the usual malady: a premise that seems worn thin in ninety seconds, much less ninety minutes. Harland Williams steals the show, however, as the mysterious loner at the high school.

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