The Whole Nine Yards - * * 1/2*

Jonathan Lynn directs this comedy from Mitchell Kapner’s script. Bruce Willis stars as mobster Jimmy “The Tulip”, who enters the witness protection program. When his suburban neighbors learn of his identity, they are unwittingly seduced by the life of organized crime. His next door neighbor, a dentist named Oz (Matthew Perry) is goaded on by his wife, Phoebe (Rosanna Arquette), into ratting Jimmy out to the mob. Meanwhile, she tries to contract a hit on her husband, and Oz falls for Jimmy’s wife (Natasha Henstridge)… Michael Clarke Duncan will portray the hitman. Kevin Pollak, Harland Williams and Amanda Peet also star.

Capsule Review: This slapstick comedy takes a while to get going, but it eventually does, due in large part to the effort of Matthew Perry. Bruce Willis seems to be slumming in this role, but Amanda Peet shines in her few scenes as Perry’s overeager assistant. The Whole Nine Yards is enjoyable, but forgettable.

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