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Reindeer Games - * *

John Frankenheimer directs this thriller in which an ex-con (Ben Affleck) is set up by his former cellmate (Gary Sinise) to rob a casino. Charlize Theron, Dennis Farina, James Frain, Donal Logue, Ashton Kutcher, Isaac Hayes, Danny Trejo and Clarence … Continue reading

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The Mod Squad - *

The Hollywood creative rut of recycling old TV show reruns has finally gotten deep enough to reach The Mod Squad. A ridiculous show to start with, should we be surprised that it has spawned an even more ridiculous movie? It … Continue reading

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Out of Sight - * * *

Elmore Leonard has quickly become one of Hollywood’s favorite authors. Out of four film adaptations in as many years, the witty and inventive Out of Sight gives Get Shorty a run for its money as the best Leonard adaptation around. … Continue reading

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That Old Feeling - *

That Old Feeling is a one note comedy without a good note. When Molly (Paula Marshall) is getting married to a young politician, her wedding is the cause to reunite her divorced parents, actress Lily (Bette Midler) and author Dan … Continue reading

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