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Reindeer Games - * *

John Frankenheimer directs this thriller in which an ex-con (Ben Affleck) is set up by his former cellmate (Gary Sinise) to rob a casino. Charlize Theron, Dennis Farina, James Frain, Donal Logue, Ashton Kutcher, Isaac Hayes, Danny Trejo and Clarence … Continue reading

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Mighty Joe Young - * *

They’ve remade King Kong, they’ve remade Godzilla, now Hollywood has set their sights on another giant animal from years past: Mighty Joe Young. But this updated remake is more of an example of modern special effects technology than of good … Continue reading

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Devil’s Advocate - * * *

Ya gotta love advertising campaigns. They sum up Devil’s Advocate so succinctly (an attorney goes to work for the Devil), that you might think the whole film was just a particularly apt jab at lawyers. But, rather than being what … Continue reading

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Two Days in the Valley - * *

2 Days in the Valley is a jumbled hodgepodge with an excess of plot masquerading as hip thriller. The movie starts with two hitmen, friendly Dosmo (Danny Aiello) and sociopathic Lee (James Spader) getting ready to kill the ex-husband of … Continue reading

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