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Out of Sight - * * *

Elmore Leonard has quickly become one of Hollywood’s favorite authors. Out of four film adaptations in as many years, the witty and inventive Out of Sight gives Get Shorty a run for its money as the best Leonard adaptation around. … Continue reading

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Critical Care - * * 1/2*

Critical care is a hit-and-miss satire of the health care industry. It’s hits come in the form of a finely complex ethical dilemma. However, it misses when it veers off into blatant fantasy. Dr. Werner Ernst (James Spader) is a … Continue reading

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Mother - * * *

Mother is a rather typical Albert Brooks comedy, enhanced by the enjoyable performance of Debbie Reynolds. John Henderson (Albert Brooks) has horrible luck with women, and he traces his problems back to his relationship with his mother, Beatrice (Debbie Reynolds). … Continue reading

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