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The Thomas Crown Affair - * 1/2*

Following on the heels of Entrapment, The Thomas Crown Affair is another love-and-crime story, though one with a slightly different tack. A remake of the 1968 Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway caper flick, this new Thomas Crown Affair tones down the crime … Continue reading

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Suicide Kings - * 1/2*

Kidnapping thrillers seem to be the rage these days, and Suicide Kings is a film that’s so eager to join the trend that it has not just one, but two! But more doesn’t necessarily equate to better, and the only … Continue reading

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Wide Awake - * 1/2*

Here’s a rarity: a children’s film that attempts to tackle a weighty subject, Is there a God? Done well, it could have been a gem among the wasteland of modern children’s cinema. Unfortunately, it isn’t. With jumbled messages, and an … Continue reading

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Wag the Dog - * * * 1/2*

Director Barry Levinson has crafted a wickedly funny political satire, that, while consistently tickling your funny bone, rings astoundingly true. The President of the United States has a problem. The election is only a few days away, and a devastating … Continue reading

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Two if by Sea - * * 1/2*

Nice, but predictable, romantic comedy by Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary. Leary is Frank, a two-bit Boston thief. Bullock is Roz, his hopelessly romantic girlfriend, who longs for a better life. Frank takes a job stealing a painting and driving … Continue reading

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Operation Dumbo Drop - * 1/2*

A children’s Vietnam movie…need I say more? Well, perhaps I do. In order to secure a crucial Vietnamese village, Ray Liotta and Danny Glover must lead a ragtag troop to replace the sacred elephant killed by the Viet Cong. Of … Continue reading

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