Two if by Sea - * * 1/2*

Nice, but predictable, romantic comedy by Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary. Leary is Frank, a two-bit Boston thief. Bullock is Roz, his hopelessly romantic girlfriend, who longs for a better life. Frank takes a job stealing a painting and driving it to Rhode Island, and decides to bring Roz along. Through a series of misadventures, the two finally make it to a secluded Rhode Island township, home to the rich and privledged. Roz falls in love with the place, and possibly with local resident Evan (Stephen Dillane). Meanwhile, the FBI begins searching for the painting (which is more valuable than Frank realizes), and assigns agent Bob O’Malley (Yaphet Kotto) to track it down. And thus the chase begins, with O’Malley chasing Frank’s cousin, the fence, who is in turn chasing down Frank for the painting, all the while Frank is trying to keep the love of Roz. This film excels when it gives free rein to Leary, but falters when Bullock takes center stage. Leary is definately in his element as the fish-out-of-water Frank, but when Sandra Bullock is on screen, nearly all you can think about is her Bahstun accent. The storyline is routine and predictable, but manages to have several good comedic moments. Kotto is wasted, however, in the bland role as the determined FBI man. All in all, Two if by Sea is a nice little diversion.

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