Operation Dumbo Drop - * 1/2*

A children’s Vietnam movie…need I say more? Well, perhaps I do. In order to secure a crucial Vietnamese village, Ray Liotta and Danny Glover must lead a ragtag troop to replace the sacred elephant killed by the Viet Cong. Of course, in the true tradition of buddy movies, Liotta and Glover have differing leadership styles and constantly argue. Add to that a group of whining soldiers who don’t like the detail (including Doug E. Doug and Denis Leary), and one belching, vomiting, and flatuous elephant, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a picture-perfect Disney comedy, sort of. Questions of taste aside, the film overall just isn’t very good. The lowbrow humor is definitely aimed at the younger set, but the subject matter isn’t. There is a very narrow window of children who will think the film’s brand of humor is funny, and understand the subject matter. Operation Dumbo Drop is a well meaning, but ill-conceived entry in the Disney family of comedies.

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