U-571 - * 1/2*

Jonathan Mostow directs this WWII-set action thriller about a U.S. attempt to steal a top-secret encryption device hidden aboard a U-Boat. Matthew McConaughey will play the Navy captain sent on the mission. Bill Paxton, Jake Weber, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Noseworthy, Will Estes, Matthew Settle, and David Keith will also star. Mostow and David Ayer wrote the screenplay.

Capsule Review: U-571 doesn’t hold a candle to most other submarine flicks. Even Down Periscope managed to create a more plausible sense of claustrophobia than this film. Some of the special effects are well made…but the action sequences are poorly cut. It becomes difficult to tell the characters apart (particularly when their flat personalities are virtually identical), and as a result, we don’t care about their fates. This is one sub that deserves to sink.

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