Frequency - * * 1/2*

Gregory Hoblit directs this thriller about a fireman (Dennis Quaid) in 1969 who mysteriously communicates over a ham radio with his son (Jim Caviezel), a homicide cop thirty years in the future. During a deadly blaze, his son tries to warn him of his own death. Elizabeth Mitchell, Andre Braugher, Jordan Bridges, Michael Cera, Noah Emmerich, and Frank McAnulty also star.

Capsule Review: Touching, but flawed, Frequency is a crowd-pleasing movie that never makes much sense. For a movie like this to work, it has to set certain ground rules…but Frequency plays by ear, and the result is a discordant symphony. Still, good performances by Quaid and Caviezel will pluck the father-son heartstrings in the audience.

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