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U-571 - * 1/2*

Jonathan Mostow directs this WWII-set action thriller about a U.S. attempt to steal a top-secret encryption device hidden aboard a U-Boat. Matthew McConaughey will play the Navy captain sent on the mission. Bill Paxton, Jake Weber, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon … Continue reading

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From Dusk Til Dawn - * *

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino have produced an exquisite bloodbath of a horror film, which revels in gore and violence. If that first sentence hasn’t already scared you away, be warned that although better than many other films of its … Continue reading

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Clockers - * * * 1/2*

A superb drama that is part murder-mystery, part portrait of harsh inner-city life. Mehki Phifer is Strike, a twenty-year-old clocker (a stationary drug dealer), and Isaiah Washington is Victor, his hard working brother. When the local drug lord, Delroy Lindo, … Continue reading

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