Two Much - * 1/2*

Two much is a brainless try at screwball comedy that turns into a farce. Antonio Banderas is a con-artist/art dealer, named (what else) Art. When a con job goes wrong, he finds himself on the run from mob boss Danny Aiello, and under the protection of Aiello’s rich ex-wife, Melanie Griffith. She latches onto Art, and before he knows it, they are engaged to be married. Enter Melanie Griffith’s sister, played by Daryl Hannah, whom Art falls in love with. To win her love, Art pretends he has an identical twin, named (what else) Bart. As Bart, Art woos and wins the love of Daryl Hannah. Now all Art has to do is figure out which sister to keep around, and which to dump, and how keep from looking like a complete jerk when his ruse is discovered. Antonio Banderas, while displaying glimpses of comic flair, never quite differentiates Art and Bart beyond the superficial (glasses and hairstyle). Melanie Griffith, as usual, grates on the ears and nerves. Daryl Hannah has a deeper character, but sleepwalks through the performance. As a result, aside from a few reflex laughs, this screwball comedy just doesn’t work.

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