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My Favorite Martian - 1/2*

Another day, another nostalgic sitcom movie adaptation. But, with My Favorite Martian, Hollywood is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. (Well, one could argue that the barrel scraping started with Car 54, Where Are You? and McHale’s Navy, but … Continue reading

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The Real Blonde - * 1/2*

Tom Dicillo directs this superficial comedy about superficial people in superficial careers, all searching for deeper meaning. However, they won’t find much meaning in The Real Blonde, and not enough real humor, either. Joe (Matthew Modine) is a struggling actor, … Continue reading

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Two Much - * 1/2*

Two much is a brainless try at screwball comedy that turns into a farce. Antonio Banderas is a con-artist/art dealer, named (what else) Art. When a con job goes wrong, he finds himself on the run from mob boss Danny … Continue reading

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