Rumble in the Bronx - * *

Jackie Chan finally makes another attempt to break through in America, and Rumble in the Bronx is certainly better than The Cannonball Run, but unfortunately it is not among the best action films either. Chan plays Keung, a Hong Kong native who comes to the Bronx for his uncle’s wedding. Once there, he gets involved with the antics of a violence prone gang, and ultimately involved with a powerful criminal organization. All of which give Chan many opportunites for martial arts mayhem, but little room for the flimsy plot or any sort of character development. But the fun of Chan’s films comes from his fluidly choreographed action scenes, and in this arena, Rumble in the Bronx doesn’t disappoint. Chan dances between one confrontation to the next, flying through unbelievable stunts, and using a multitude of available props, from shopping carts to skis. These moments make the movie worth watching, but they are strung together by some hideous performances, and even worse dubbing (Why do professional dubbers always have the most irritating voices?). If you are an action fan, and haven’t seen Chan before, definitely see this film. If you don’t have the taste for the genre, however, there is absolutely nothing here to draw you in.

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