Showgirls - 1/2*

Rather flimsy take on the rising starlet genre, set in the Las Vegas topless dancing scene. Elizabeth Berkley is Nomi Malone, a woman with a murky past who travels to Vegas to be a showgirl. She starts at the very bottom, as a lapdancer in the smutty Cheetah. She rises to become a topless dancer at the classier Stardust, and finally gets her chance to make it big. Kyle MacLachlan eases through the role of entertainment producer/stock boyfriend. Gina Gershon plays the ruthlessly evil bisexual top act at the Stardust, a role that may seem familiar to viewers of Basic Instinct. Sloppy writing and wooden acting remove any sense of class from the production, and what’s left is simply an excuse to watch topless dancing.

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