To Die For - * * 1/2*

A dark comedy with not enough satirical bite. Nicole Kidman stars as Suzanne Stone, a local weathergirl in Little Hope, Connecticut, with much more ambition than intelligence or morals. She will do anything to be famous, and woe be to anyone who tries to stop her (namely husband Matt Dillon). Her method: to seduce a trio of teenagers into doing the dastardly deed. Kidman gives a great performance as the evil but beautiful airhead. The plot is fairly straightforward, in fact, much of the detail is given in the first five minutes…leaving the rest of the film to build up to a given conclusion. The key to the film lies in Kidman’s performance, and the sometimes subtle and sometimes over the top satire. Yet, as the film progresses, it starts to take itself a bit too seriously. At times it veers away from comedy and starts to look like a TV-movie of the week. However, although it makes misteps, it routinely returns to the comedy, including a welcome comic twist at the end.

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