A Month by the Lake - * * *

Warm and charming romantic film. Set on an Italian resort in the spring of 1937, it deals with an English woman, Vanessa Redgrave, who is returning after a long while to the resort her father frequented. There she meets a stern but earnest English Major (Edward Fox). She attempts to catch his eye, but it seems as if her somewhat carefree nature and his straightforwardness just won’t mesh. However, once a young American nanny (played with a mean streak by Uma Thurman), enters the picture, the Major decides to stay at the resort to gain her affection. Redgrave spends the rest of the film trying to pry the Major away from the nanny’s attention and toward herself. Redgrave gives a wonderful performance, shining brightly in this film. Uma Thurman also does a good job as the wicked nanny who leads the Major on without the slightest bit of interest in him. Edward Fox manages to make the Major both irrascible and likeable. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable light film.

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