Se7en - * * * *

Grisly and disturbing, but very, very good. Seven is a thriller about a serial killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins; and the two homicide cops on his trail. Morgan Freeman is the elder cop, seven days from retirement, and Brad Pitt is the rambunctious newcomer. The two actors, thankfully, rise above their stereotypical roles, and deliver excellent performances. The writing, which could have easily been gimicky and predictable, instead delivers true suspense, intensity, and wit. The killings serve as a metaphor for the bleak and deteriorating conditions of the city, which remains nameless throughout the film. The film is very atmospheric; much of the film is shot in rain or shadows, and the background is always alive with the murmurings of the city. The methods of the individual murders are inventive, and leave you guiltily waiting for the next one. However, between slayings, there is plenty to keep your attention. The investigations are interesting and vary enough so as not to be repetitive. The personal lives of Freeman and Pitt are explored, but this tangent doesn’t distract from the main storyline, in fact, their varied viewpoints of the crumbling city complement the main plot. Although the actual murders are never shown, the aftermath is sufficiently graphic to cause many to avert their eyes. However, if your stomach can stand it, this is one not to miss.

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