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Any Given Sunday - *

Oliver Stone directs this look at the NFL. Al Pacino will star as the coach who pressures a veteran QB (Dennis Quaid) to play hurt, or risk getting replaced by an up-and-coming QB (Jamie Foxx). Elizabeth Berkley will portray Pacino’s … Continue reading

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U-Turn - *

Oliver Stone returns to directing, and for the first time in a while, he tackles a film without any obvious political agendas. U-Turn is a thriller, based on John Ridley’s novel, Stray Dogs. In it, Oliver Stone proves he’s no … Continue reading

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Nixon - * *

Great performances help redeem director/screenwriter Oliver Stone’s twisted fiasco. Anthondy Hopkins takes the title role, which somewhat follows the life and presidency of Richard Nixon. Oliver Stone chooses to tell the story mostly in flashback. He starts with the final … Continue reading

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