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Any Given Sunday - *

Oliver Stone directs this look at the NFL. Al Pacino will star as the coach who pressures a veteran QB (Dennis Quaid) to play hurt, or risk getting replaced by an up-and-coming QB (Jamie Foxx). Elizabeth Berkley will portray Pacino’s … Continue reading

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The Player’s Club - *

Oh boy! Another foray into the world of strippers! Are there any stories here that haven’t been told? Are there interesting ways to present tired material? Well, if there are, you wouldn’t know it from The Player’s Club. Diana Armstrong … Continue reading

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Booty Call - 1/2*

Booty Call is a rather pedestrian conglomeration of raunchy, low-brow humor. The film focuses on a double date and the night which follows. Rushon (Tommy Davidson) and Nikki (Tamalo Jones) have been dating for seven weeks now…Rushon wants to get … Continue reading

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