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Return to Me - * * 1/2*

Bonnie Hunt directs this romance about a man (David Duchovny) who falls in love with a woman (Minnie Driver)…the recipient of his dead wife’s heart. Hunt, James Belushi, David Alan Grier, and Robert Loggia also star. Scripted by Bonnie Hunt … Continue reading

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An Ideal Husband - * * * 1/2*

A delightful adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play, An Ideal Husband can describe both a potential and a myth. With wonderful use of wordplay, thoroughly enjoyable characters, and one singularly outstanding performance, this period comedy ranks as one of the best … Continue reading

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The Governess - * * 1/2*

The Governess is a romantic drama that’s like an overripe peach. It has a strong core, but a soft, mushy outside. Minnie Driver stars as Rosina da Silva, a devout Jewish girl in 19th century London. After her beloved father … Continue reading

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Hard Rain - * * 1/2*

After stalling for nearly a year, Hard Rain finally makes it to the box office. Previously titled The Flood, the filmmakers quickly renamed it after the deluge of disaster pics, so as not to have it drown in the public’s … Continue reading

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Good Will Hunting - * * * *

Although it isn’t readily apparent before seeing the film, the title Good Will Hunting has a double meaning (made obvious by the main character’s name: Will Hunting). However, be it the intriguing story of one good man, or the uplifting … Continue reading

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Big Night - * * *

Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci join to direct Big Night, this rousing salute to great food and the dream of two immigrant brothers. Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (Stanley Tucci) are brothers who run a struggling Italian restaurant. Primo is … Continue reading

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Circle of Friends - * * 1/2*

Lightweight romantic fare about average Irish college student Minnie Driver, her two-best friends, and the best-looking boy on campus (Chris O’Donnell), whom she pursues. The big question, will they get together, is resolved too soon in this film, leaving the … Continue reading

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