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Return to Me - * * 1/2*

Bonnie Hunt directs this romance about a man (David Duchovny) who falls in love with a woman (Minnie Driver)…the recipient of his dead wife’s heart. Hunt, James Belushi, David Alan Grier, and Robert Loggia also star. Scripted by Bonnie Hunt … Continue reading

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Blues Brothers 2000 - * 1/2*

The Blues Brothers was a wonderful film, a hilarious comedy packed with good music. It cried out for a sequel, but John Belushi’s untimely death seemed to eliminate the idea. However, eighteen years have passed, and the long dormant sequel … Continue reading

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Gang Related - * * *

You’d think a film with a title like “Gang Related” would be yet another inner city drama about an innocent youth trying to survive amid gangs, drugs and violence. Well, think again. Although the film does involve drugs and violence, … Continue reading

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Race the Sun - * *

Disney delivers yet another variation on the “teacher inspires kids” flick, which is surprisingly much better than it could have been. Location: Hawaii. Teacher: Halle Berry, playing an English teacher assigned to teach science. Kids: the lolos (a group of … Continue reading

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