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The Story of Us - * *

Rob Reiner directs this romantic comedy starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer, a couple trying to put the spark back into their marriage. Paul Reiser, Julie Haggerty, Rob Reiner, Tim Matheson, Rita Wilson, Betty White and Red Buttons also star. … Continue reading

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A Thousand Acres - *

Based on Jane Smiley’s novel, A Thousand Acres pulls out every melodramatic trick in the book, but never establishes a foundation on which to build. The result is about as flimsy and not nearly as interesting as a house of … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal - * * 1/2*

A captivating love story which is framed by a pointless and shallow rehash of A Star Is Born. Up Close and Personal follows the rising star of Tally Atwater (Michelle Pfeiffer), as she climbs up the ladder of television news … Continue reading

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Dangerous Minds - * *

A mediocre drama about an ex-marine teaching English to a rowdy group of inner-city kids. Never illuminates the true spirit of learning, instead the movie opts for bribing students to read pretentious Bob Dylan lyrics. We never understand why Michelle … Continue reading

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