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Hush - * 1/2*

One of the 90s’ most unwelcome thriller trends returns from the grave: it’s the “___ from Hell” movie! Starting in the early nineties, we were subjected to nearly every conceivable combination of relationships-from-Hell! There were Boyfriends from Hell, Friendly Neighborhood … Continue reading

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A Thousand Acres - *

Based on Jane Smiley’s novel, A Thousand Acres pulls out every melodramatic trick in the book, but never establishes a foundation on which to build. The result is about as flimsy and not nearly as interesting as a house of … Continue reading

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Rob Roy - * * *

Well made movie about a Scottish hero, played with presence by Liam Neeson. A surprising amount of gore for what seems on the outset to be a romantic epic, Rob Roy does satisfy in the end.

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