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Universal Soldier: The Return - [No Tickets]

After a bad (but watchable) initial movie, Universal Soldier weathered two horrific direct-to-video sequels with the original lead, Jean-Claude Van Damme, noticeably absent. Now, seven years after the original film, Van Damme’s career is struggling. Perhaps reuniting with this flagging … Continue reading

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Knock Off - 1/2*

Jean Claude Van Damme’s recent string of films haven’t been too inspiring, and Knock Off doesn’t do anything to change the trend. Van Damme stars this time as Marcus Ray, of all things, a designer jeans rep. Yes, you read … Continue reading

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Double Team - 1/2*

Dennis Rodman may be an intriguing personality on the basketball court, but his initial foray into the movies proves he should stay out. Double Team is a fairly standard Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick. As with Hard Target and Maximum … Continue reading

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Maximum Risk - * 1/2*

The action’s good and pointless in this bland thriller. At the outset of Maximum Risk, French police detective Alain Moreau (Jean-Claude Van Damme) discovers he had a (now-deceased) long-lost twin brother. Alain begins a trek which leads him to New … Continue reading

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The Quest - *

Jean Claude VanDamme, in his directorial debut, returns to his kickboxing roots, and stumbles badly. He mistackles this tale of epic proportions, in which he stars as Chris Dubios, a NY ringleader of a group of child criminals, who accidentally … Continue reading

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Sudden Death - 1/2*

Horrible Die Hard clone. Jean Claude VanDamme is Darren McCord, a fire marshall with a tragic past. He takes his two children to the seventh game in the Stanley Cup finals, a game where he is serving as fire marshall, … Continue reading

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