Sudden Death - 1/2*

Horrible Die Hard clone. Jean Claude VanDamme is Darren McCord, a fire marshall with a tragic past. He takes his two children to the seventh game in the Stanley Cup finals, a game where he is serving as fire marshall, and where the Vice President is set to attend. Also in attendance are the requisite terrorists, this time led by Powers Boothe. They plant bombs throughout the arena and kidnap the Vice President, the mayor and the various civilians in his skybox. Of course, VanDamme is the only one who learns of the treachery, and must become a vigilante, hunting down the bombs and terrorists one by one. Someone made the horrific miscall to treat several scenes as pure farce. Thus we have VanDamme kickboxing a giant penguin, the team mascot, in the kitchen, where the two move from appliance to appliance, using each to its most damage inducing potential. Even when the action is treated more seriously, there are plot holes so large several NHL players could skate right through. And I shudder to contemplate the acting in this film. The formula is tired and definitely showing signs of rigor mortis. The first casualty should have been this film.

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