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The Bone Collector - * 1/2*

Ever since Hannibal Lecter energized the screen in Silence of the Lambs, or perhaps ever since Norman Bates appeared in Psycho, Hollywood has had a morbid fascination with the serial killer. This strange affair has created several great films (such … Continue reading

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Playing God - * 1/2*

The laconic David Duchovny returns to feature films for the first time after starring in the hit TV show, The X-Files. However, he should have been a bit pickier in his choice of projects. Playing God is a standard crime … Continue reading

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Hackers - * 1/2*

Flashy entry in the growing computer-oriented thriller field. A group of the brightest hackers in New York, who all happen to be in the same high scool, accidentally stumble upon an electronic corporate crime by executive Lorraine Bracco and hacker-turned-security … Continue reading

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