Hackers - * 1/2*

Flashy entry in the growing computer-oriented thriller field. A group of the brightest hackers in New York, who all happen to be in the same high scool, accidentally stumble upon an electronic corporate crime by executive Lorraine Bracco and hacker-turned-security analyst Fisher Stevens. The dastardly duo try to cover their tracks by blaming the hackers for creating a virus which will capsize several oil tankers. Of course, rather than showing the boring tedium of actual hacking, the screen constantly disolves into a kaleidoscope of images, color, and modern rock music. The film thinks itself as much cooler than it actually is. The acting is, for the most part, amateurish…the kids never really establish themselves as anything other than genius outcasts. The writing serves its purpose, which is to bombard the viewer with computer jargon (most of which, surprisingly, is used correctly) while it advances the simple plot. Several subplots, including the hackers terrorizing an anti-hacker secret service official, seem tacked on, and only add to the tone, rather than adding any substance. In fact, that summarizes the movie: pseudo-cool anti-authority tone, but no substance.

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