Fools Rush In - * * 1/2*

Fools Rush In is a combination of a fairly standard romantic comedy and a rather broadly based cultural conflict farce, and although it has its flaws, it manages to be entertaining nonetheless. Matthew Perry stars as the ultra-WASPy Alex Whitman, a Manhattanite sent to Las Vegas to oversee the building of a new resort. After a chance meeting with a Latino bombshell, Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek), the two have a one-night stand. Alex only sees Isabel three months later, when she announces that she is pregnant. Alex does what he sees as his duty and marries Isabel, and then finds he must get to know her and cope with the differences in their respective cultures. Much of the humor in Fools Rush In is simplistic, but much of it is funny. The various families are obvious stereotypes, but there is some humor in their interactions. There’s nothing very deep here, but Perry and Hayek have some chemistry onscreen, and Fools Rush In makes for a lightweight diversion.

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