That Darn Cat - 1/2*

Feeble update of Disney’s 1965 family comedy is a cornucopia of overacting. Christina Ricci stars as a surly teenager (you know, the type in the movies that always dress in black) who hates her small hometown. The only thing she loves is DC, her cat. Meanwhile, in nearby Boston, a pair of bumbling kidnappers mistakenly kidnap the housekeeper of a rich couple. DC stumbles upon the kidnappee during a late night prowl, and brings proof back to his owner. She contacts the FBI, who laughingly assign a bumbling agent (Doug E. Doug) to the case. Together the two must grudgingly work together to find the missing maid. That Darn Cat is stuffed to the gills with wacky oddball small town characters, obviously designed to enhance the mirth and mayhem. Unfortunately, there’s very little mirth to enhance. Everything in That Darn Cat is painted with such broad strokes that there’s little room for humor. Every single role in the movie is heavily overacted, particularly Doug E. Doug. There is not one moment in the film where you can actually suspend disbelief. Very small children might find amusement in the various animals, but older children will easily see through the facade: the animals aren’t having a good time, and neither is the audience.

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