Boys - 1/2*

Boys is a poorly written and ill conceived drama that never even tries to involve the viewer. Lukas Haas is a prep school senior, who discovers a whole new spin on life when he finds an unconscious 25-year old woman in a nearby field. He secretly retrieves the woman (Winona Ryder) to his dormatory room, and immediately falls in love both with her and the rebellious danger she represents. The plot thickens when the woman seems entangled with a stolen car and a missing pro ballplayer. But when the movie eventually gets around to it, there’s not much there. Winona Ryder does a suprisingly poor job throughout Boys…her lines are sparse and emotionless, and other than her beauty, there’s not much to her character. Lukas Haas spends most of his screen time with mouth agape, and eyes fixed solely on Ryder. The remaining boys at the prep school are irritating and annoying, and are rather idiotic in their actions…though that puts them on par with Ryder and Haas. To top it all off, the direction is plodding and muddled… the majority of the film seems like meaningless filler. If you haven’t guessed, Boys isn’t a very good film, and should be avoided.

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