Girl 6 - 1/2*

Spike Lee delivers a rather boring portrait of the phone sex industry. Theresa Randle is Girl 6, a struggling actress who enlists with a phone sex firm as a last minute effort to avoid absolute poverty. The film follows her through several calls, and somewhat into her life and the men she has relationships with. As she continues to work as a generic phone sex girl, she begins to enjoy the job…perhaps a bit too much. In what is easily among the worst of Spike Lee’s films, Girl 6 never energizes itself to give a fresh portrait. Instead, we are delivered a flimsy movie that is nearly as pathetic as the phone sex line’s callers. Theresa Randle’s character never quite clicks as the centerpiece for the film, her actions are never quite believable…and she’s not helped at all by the script, which launches into some slightly humorous, but way out of place, homages to The Jeffersons and Foxy Brown. Of course, the film is loaded with cameos, from Spike Lee to Quentin Tarantino to Madonna. But don’t let those sell you…they flash by and are gone, leaving us with the drudgery of yet another pitiable caller and another hideous batch of screenwriting.

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