Mallrats - * 1/2*

Misfired attempt at GenX comedy. The straightforward plot deals with two losers chasing after their ex-girlfriends at the local hangout, the mall. This is, in several ways, a sequel to Kevin Smith’s previous film, Clerks. Only two characters continue on from Clerks, Jay, the local drug dealer, and Silent Bob, his quiet partner. The film is more technically competent than Clerks; however, Mallrats lacks much of the wit of his previous film, dwelling instead on broad stereotypes and crude slapstick. The simple plot allows ample time for kibbitzing about mindless pop culture. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t take full advantage of these lulls…instead it initiates pointless subplots about Jay and Silent Bob’s quest to destroy a mall stage, about a brainless slob who spends all his time trying to see 3-D images in Magic Eye pictures, about a dating game clone, and others. Most of this sidetracking, though, lacks depth and humor.

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