Never Talk to Strangers - * 1/2*

Borderline ridiculous and ultimately pointless thriller. Rebecca DeMornay is a criminal psychologist who meets a mysterious boyfriend, Antonio Banderas, and shortly afterwards is stalked. Dennis Miller appears as the sex-starved upstairs neighbor, who may be doomed by association. Much of the film boils down to whether Banderas is good or evil, and the film goes to absurd lengths to achieve its yo-yo effect. Banderas has an apartment filled with wire fences and carnival music wafting from the amusement park next door; yet he is an exotic wine connoisseur, and can pass pop-psychology relationship tests. The stalking borders on the comic…featuring a dead cat puppet that looks shockingly like Toonces, and a farfetched scheme involving a ceiling mounted electric heater. When it eventually comes, the denouncement, while initially shocking, actually makes little sense.

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