Last of the Dogmen - * 1/2*

For a hundred years, a lone tribe of Cheyanne dog soldiers has remained hidden in the wilds of Northern Montana. Amazingly, for something which is evident to the viewers after 10 minutes, or even sooner for those who can decipher the film’s unfortunate title, it sure takes the main characters a long time to discover them. Instead, we are subjected to an interminably inane, obvious, and nearly constant narration by Wilford Brimley. At least there’s some good scenery to watch. Tom Berringer and Barbara Hershey are a bounty hunter and an anthropologist who eventually discover the lost tribe. In typical modern-day movie fashion, the Indians, once found, are noble and wise, unlike the cruel, mean and evil white man. Not much really comes as a surprise in this film…there’s not much we haven’t seen before. And remember, only in isolation and ignorance can one find true happiness.

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