The Tie That Binds - *

A tired formula thriller gone bad. You would think that after hundreds of “____ from Hell” films, Hollywood would either have gotten good at it, or given up. The Tie That Binds proves otherwise. This time, hell’s denizens are a couple of crooked parents. When the cops interrupt the family’s murder spree, their young daughter is captured and placed in foster care. Of course, the murderous couple will stop at nothing to get their child back. Daryl Hannah and Keith Carradine play the vicious parents who try to wrest their kid from the clutches of potential adoptive parents Moira Kelly and Vincent Spano. Hannah meanders through her role in a dazed fashion, as if she can’t believe her career has sunk this far. Carradine at least gets to spout the now expected quips between killing people and taking pictures of them. Kelly and Spano serve admirably in roles which simply require them to act wholesome and do stupid things.

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