Clueless - * * * 1/2*

Fun, updated version of Emma satirizes the lives of the rich high school dwellers at Beverly Hills High. Alicia Silverstone stars as Cher, the most popular girl in school. She and her friend, Dionne, begin a series of good-natured “projects”, to enlighten the clueless. First, she pairs together two of her teachers, in the knowledge that happy teachers give better grades. She then sets her sights on improving the image of the new girl in school, and winning the heart of the handsome new boy for herself. All of these happenings occur in the delightfully wicked satire of upper upper class high school life. All of the kids in school carry cellular phones and beepers, and half are undergoing some form of cosmetic surgery. Alicia Silverstone displays a heretofore undiscovered comic flair, and adds substance to her well-meaning but light-headed protaganist. Credit also goes to director Amy Heckerling (who also helmed the high-school based Fast Times at Ridgemont High), for establishing the film’s subtle base of humor.

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