Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - * * 1/2*

Surprisingly interesting, if at times ludicrous, action fest from martial-arts master Steven Seagal. Seagal plays an ex-Navy SEAL, now a civilian travelling on a cross-country train with his teenage niece. Little does he know that a highly skilled group of terrorists are about to hijack the train to serve as the mobile command center for a highly destructive satellite weapon. However, in true Die Hard/Under Siege fashion, Seagal is overlooked during the train’s capture, and he proceeds to eliminate the terrorists one by one. The terrorists are led by an evil genius (Eric Bogosian) who invented the satellite’s technology. Seagal doesn’t have much acting range, and Bogosian isn’t quite the match that Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey gave in the original Under Siege. However, what makes this movie soar are the action scenes. The fights take place over, under around, and on the sides of the train. No location or possiblity is left unused. Sure, some scenes, especially Segal’s final stunt, are preposterous…but they’re fun.

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