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Small Time Crooks - * 1/2*

Woody Allen directs and stars in this comedy about a group of dimwitted thieves trying to rob a bank. Michael Rappaport, Hugh Grant, Tracy Ullman, Elaine May and Jon Lovitz also star. Capsule Review: One of Woody Allen’s better comedies … Continue reading

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Antz - * * *

In what seems to be the most unusual film trend of late, two studios are offering competing computer-animated-bug films. The first one out of the gate is Antz, the first animated film from Dreamworks SKG. Although not up to the … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Harry - * 1/2*

Sex, guns, drugs, murder, dead bodies in cars, hookers, a non-linear storyline, lots of jump-cuts, pop cultural references and profanity. Sounds like a recent release from the latest Tarantino-wannabe, right? So what’s all this doing in a Woody Allen movie? … Continue reading

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Everyone Says I Love You - * * *

Woody Allen’s latest film is a musical romantic comedy that should appeal to fans of the genre. It overlays a traditional Allen film with song and dance numbers of early 20th century standards. The film is narrated by DJ (Natasha … Continue reading

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Mighty Aphrodite - * * *

A typical Woody Allen comedy about one man’s quest to shape his world. Woody Allen plays Lenny Weinrib, a sports writer, who, with his artistic wife, Helena Bonham Carter, adopt a son. When his relationship with his wife begins to … Continue reading

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Miami Rhapsody - * * 1/2*

Woody Allenesque analysis of fidelity and marriage. Several good laughs, but it does tend to get depressing at times. However, it is lighter than Allen’s treatise on the subject, Husbands and Wives.

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