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Play it to the Bone - 1/2*

It’s a boxing movie. It’s a road comedy. It’s a love triangle. It’s an utter disaster. It’s Play it to the Bone. Cesar Dominguez (Antonio Banderas) and Vince Boudreau (Woody Harrelson) are best friends, two has-been boxers well past their … Continue reading

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Bringing Out the Dead - * * 1/2*

When it was announced that Martin Scorsese’s new film would be a Paul Schrader scripted tale of an unhinged man prowling the nighttime streets of New York City in an ambulance, it was easy to quickly dismiss his latest effort … Continue reading

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Saving Private Ryan - * * * *

Spielberg has done it again. He revisits his familiar stomping grounds of World War II to deliver his latest masterpiece. This time, he tackles the war itself, delivering a vivid portrait of modern warfare from the common soldier’s point of … Continue reading

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The Relic - *

The Relic is a rather tired alien clone that generates a little suspense, but wastes it with poor acting and a nonsensical plot. Penelope Ann Miller is an evolutionary biologist working at a museum in Chicago. A mysterious shipment arrives … Continue reading

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