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Time Code - * *

Mike Figgis directs this experimental, improvised thriler. Stellan Skarsgard, Salma Hayek, Saffron Burrows, Holly Hunter, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Kyle MacLachlan, Leslie Mann, Julian Sands, Mia Maestro, Alessandro Nivola, Richard Edson, Danny Huston, Aimee Graham, Xander Berkeley, Viveka Davis, Golden Brooks and … Continue reading

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Deep Blue Sea - * * 1/2*

One of the oldest adages in the monster movie is, Don’t fool with Mother Nature. A slightly newer adage in Hollywood might be, Don’t fool with Steven Spielberg. Deep Blue Sea flaunts both of those rules. And, despite a boatload … Continue reading

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Ronin - * * 1/2*

Ronin takes the concept of the generic spy thriller to new heights. In the post-Cold War atmosphere, it doesn’t matter who the bad guys are (as long as they’re sufficiently bad), nor who the good guys are (as long as … Continue reading

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Breaking the Waves - * * *

Breaking the Waves is a surprisingly spiritual film whose effect gradually sneaks up on you throughout its length. Emily Watson stars as Bess, an innocent and naive girl raised in a stern northern Scottish village. At the film’s outset, she … Continue reading

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