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Message in a Bottle - * * 1/2*

Is it possible for someone to love too much? Is being overly romantic a severe character flaw? Those are a few questions posed by Message in a Bottle, an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novel. It is schlocky and disposable … Continue reading

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She’s So Lovely - * * 1/2*

She’s So Lovely boasts a superior cast, excellent characterizations, and a good opening. However, with direction as muddled as the minds of its lead characters, the film ultimately loses sight of where it wants to go. Maureen (Robin Wright Penn) … Continue reading

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The Crossing Guard - * 1/2*

Rather bland drama about guilt, remorse and revenge. Six years ago, a drunk driver by the name of John Booth (David Morse) killed the daughter of Freddie (Jack Nicholson) and Mary (Anjelica Huston). In the years that followed while Booth … Continue reading

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