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Supernova - [No Tickets]

The first few wide releases in early January are notorious for their dubious quality However, one of this year’s early debuts, Supernova, has two other early warning signs. There were no advance screenings (usually a sign the studio doesn’t want … Continue reading

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End of Days - *

With Year 2000 fast approaching, you might expect a glut of armageddon films to flood the local theaters. However, for the most part, Hollywood has shown considerable restraint, and focused it’s Y2K angst into time-inspecific supernatural thrillers. However, a few … Continue reading

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Niagara Niagara - * 1/2*

Niagara Niagara is a road movie that shouldn’t be one. Telling the story of two loners tossed together by fate, the film survives only on the basis of one strong performance. Seth (Henry Thomas) and Marcy (Robin Tunney) are shy … Continue reading

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