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Cookie’s Fortune - * * *

Director Robert Altman’s latest film, Cookie’s Fortune, is an easygoing portrait of a small Southern town and its eccentric inhabitants. The film doesn’t have a lot to say, and it takes its time in doing it…but it’s a pleasant and … Continue reading

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The Gingerbread Man - * * *

Doing a John Grisham film seems to be the trendy way these days for an artistic director to make a commercial film. First Francis Ford Coppola tackled The Rainmaker, which is still the finest adaptation of any of Grisham’s works. … Continue reading

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Kansas City - * *

Yet another mixed bag o’ tricks from director Robert Altman, the 1930’s period piece Kansas City is a bit more restrained than his recent works. Primarily it is the story of Blondie O’Hara (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the wife of a … Continue reading

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